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Levelling Intensity is to decide the amount of draft change required to correct feed variation. The correlation between mass and volume for different fibres is not same. Therefore the levelling intensity may be different for different fibres.  Levelling intensity is selected based on the following trial.
Wrapping of the delivered sliver should be checked with  "n", "n+1", "n-1" sliver at the feeding side.  The sliver weight of the delivered sliver should be same for all the three combinations or should be the minimum.
This can be cheked if the sliver is checked  at UT 3(uster)or premier tester 7000  for mass variatons ( U%).
If Levelling correction point and levelling intensity is selected properly, then the  cul length C.V% of  1 meter will be less than 0.5, if the sliver is tested in UT-3 instrument.

All  variations are  corrected
Count C.V.% will be consistent and good, hence the yarn will be suitable for knitting
Off counts will be very very less  in the yarn, hence off count cuts will come down drastically in autoconers
Thin places in the sliver, hence in the yarn will be low
Ring frame breaks will come down, hence
pneumfil waste will be less
fluff in the department will be less, therefore uster cuts will be less
fabric quality will be good because of lower number of fluff in the yarn
labour productivity will be more
machine productivity will be more
idle spindles will be less
RKM  C.V.%  will be low, because of low number of thin places.
Workability in  warping and weaving will be good, because of less number of thin places and lower end breaks in spinning and winding.
Sliver U%, hence yarn U% will be good
Production calculated will be more accurate in autoleveller drawframe compared to non autolevller drawframe
Variation in Blend percentage will be very less, if both the components are autolevelled before blending, hence fabric appearance after dyeing will be excellent.
As long as the autolevelling system is set properly and all the components are working properly, the above said benefits can be achieved. Otherwise,  the negative impact will be very  big compared to working without autoleveller. If the autoleveller malfuctions, it is better to run the machine without autoleveller.

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