Trash Removal Zone

  • Basically, all trash-removal devices in the rotor-spinning machines are the same, namely, nothing more than a larger or smaller opening roller housing.
  • The high peripheral speed of the opening roller causes the coarser trash particles to be hurled outwards at this position [a] while the fibres continue with the roller & pass into the feed tube [b].
  • Unfortunately, on account of its lighter weight, a large part of the fine dust goes with them.
  • The eliminated trash is carried away either :
    • Pneumatically , by suction extraction, or
    •  Mechanically, by a small transport belt on the floor of the collection chamber [c].
  • The removal density depends upon :
    • The design of the assembly.
    • The air-flow conditions.
    • The degree of opening of the feedstock.
    • The speed of rotation of the opening roller.


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