Sliver Delivery


  • To accommodate changes in the mean fibre length , certain  designs require the operative to reset the distance of the delivery-roller nip from the striking point of the opening roller.
  • This involves either dismantling the housing to exchange certain parts or alternatively obtaining acess to adjusting screws; Both techniques are too time consuming.
  •  Figure 1 show patented design proposed for controlling a range of fibre lengths without major readjustments .
  • The figure show the device to consist , in principle, of two gripper elements , replacing the commonly used feed plate.
  • With these , a feed funnel is associated with several delivery rollers or feed ducts, through which the sliver can selectively fed according to the mean fibre length.
  •  In some other approaches , the aim is to keep a good control on the fibres in the sliver, & there is a change from idea of nip point for the feed roller to a nip area over which the feed roller will accommodate a length distribution as well as changes in fibre length.
  • With the ease of change from one gripper to another {see fig. 1 [29]} changes in mean fibre length are catered for.
  • Although in principle , the adjustments appear to be simple, engineering these devices would more than likely be complicated & would further increase the price of an already expensive machine.


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