Rotor Spinning For Carpet Yarns

By: G. Egbergs

  • The trend to a velour carpet with a grainy appearance is  of advantage for open-end spinning.
  •  Open end carpet yarns are presented , from which carpets with a good appearance were manufactured.
  • We found that coarse fibres of about 17 dtex & 100mm. Length gave best carpet yarns.
  •  Up to now it appeared to be impossible to make open end yarns fibres of this kind.
  •  However this is a major requirement for carpet yarn production.
  • Production costs are the lowest for open end yarns.
  • This is true in comparison with semi-worsted yarns up to nm 6.8 
  •  Very important with this regarded to economic aspects will be that with open end yarns no distinction need be made between s & z twist yarns, & that open end yarns  show less end breaks during tufting than either semi-worsted or woolen yarns .
  •  With regard to carpet quality it could be proved that the feared fibre losses  which carpets made from open end yarns revealed could be reduced to normal. 


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