Open End Spinning : a Swiss Viewpoint.

By: H.A.Kellar

  • A basic requirement for open end spinning machines is clean & defect free creel material. Standards in relation to fibre defects are considerably more exacting than those for ring spinning.
  •  Using short staple fibres, processing performance is best in the coarse to medium yarn count range.
  •  Twist insertion rates must be adaptable to the specific fibre properties.
  • Correctly proportioned & balanced blends including blends of manmade fibres with cotton are appropriate & process very well. Thus, the staple length range of up to 40mm. Is important.
  •  At present, with open end equipment, very long fibres of up to 150mm. Can be spun only into very coarse counts.
  • Only very limited experience in the intermediate staple length available so far.
  • Staple length & fibre fineness must match, the shorter the staple length & the finer the fibre should be. Extreme values should be avoided.
  • Low crimp fibres process best.
  • All efforts to eliminate static charges are desirable as long as turbine contamination is not increased.
  •  The weight of the input sliver must be adapted to the count of the yarn spun taking into account the sliver cohesion & the opening device used.
  • Overall, the turbine [rotor] spinning mechanism lends itself readily to adaptations of many kinds , but completed machines are relatively rigid units in relation to the range of materials they can process.
  •  More twist must be inserted when spinning man made fibres , & to make economic operation possible with man made fibres than in spinning cotton cotton fibres , & to make economic operation possible with man made fibres ,very high rotational speeds are needed.
  •  Each case must be examined individually to consider whether a changeover or a new open end spinning plant is feasible for processing the fibres & yarn required, or whether the more flexible ring spinning frame is preferable.
  •  With respect to the promising blends of manmade fibres with cotton, it is to be stressed that excellent & modern cleaning and carding equipment will be required.
  • Otherwise such costly experiments will inevitably fail.


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