Limitations Of Trash Extraction Devices

Trash- extraction devices found in present day rotor units are subject to three limitations, as follows,
  • They can remove only coarse - particle trash effectively.
    • The troublesome microdust particles are so small that they are hardly affected by centrifugal forces {generated by revolving opening roller}, which present trash-removal systems are designed to utilize. These particles therefore remain in the air stream & pass by the removal device , into the rotors with the fibres.
    •  If there is a high rate of flow of fibres past the device, due to the spinning of coarse counts o high production speeds ,larger trash particles may also be prevented from leaving the fibre flow to the rotor.
  • If the feed sliver contains tufts or bundles of fibres ,these are unlikely to be fully broken down into individual fibres, so any trash trapped in the fibre bundle will enter the rotor groove.
  • The trash removal device tends to disrupt the smooth flow of fibres to the rotor, & accumulations of short fibres can build-up at the separation edge, where they eventually hinder the passage of trash to the collection box.


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