Introduction to Open End  Spinning

  • 1.In conventional spinning ,the fibre supply is reduced to the required mass per unit length by drafting & then consolidated into a yarn by the application of twist.
  • 2.There is no opportunity for the internal stresses created in the fibres during drafting to relax.
  • 3.In open end spinning, the fibre supply is reduced, as far as possible , to individual fibres, which are then carried forward on an air-stream as free fibres.
  • 4. This permits internal stresses to be relaxed & gives rise to the term “free fibre spinning”.
  • 5.These fibres are then progressively attached to the tail or “open end” of already formed rotating yarn.
  • 6.This enables twist to be imparted by rotation of the yarn end.
  • 7.Thus the continuously formed yarn has only to be withdrawn & taken up on a cross-wound package.


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