Introduction to  Rotor  Open End Spinning

  • 1.There are various types of open end spinning viz. Rotor spinning , electrostatic spinning , friction spinning , air-vortex spinning & disc spinning.
  • 2.But rotor spinning is the most successful method among the above mentioned methods. It is called as the spinning of 21st century.
  • 3.In the rotor system , airborne fibres are deposited continuosly upon the external or, more usually , the internal peripheral surface of a rapidly rotating drum so as to form a ring of fibres ,which is then peeled off & withdrawn along the axis of rotation of the drum.Thus twist is imparted & a yarn is formed.
  • 4.One of the great advantages of rotor open-end spinning is that twist insertion & yarn take-up are completely separated from each other, which permits the twisting mechanism to operate at very high speeds , while the package need rotate at the slow speed necessary to wind on the yarn produced.


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