Influence of Twist and Total Draft on the Properties of Open End Spun Polyester Yarn. 

By:- A.Barella

  • The influence of the total draft on yarn regularity manifests itself only when the twist exceeds a certain level. Under such conditions , the irregularity increases as the linear density of the yarn decreases [ i.e. With an increase in total draft].
  • The effect of twist on the yarn tenacity is evident for total drafts above a certain level. For high total drafts, equivalent to smaller linear densities, it is found that a higher yarn tenacity corresponds to a lower twist, which indicates that, in practice, spinning is often done at twist levels that are above the optimum.
  • The elongation at break is influenced less than either the regularity or the tenacity by the experimental conditions.
  • For the quality index , a region of optimum values is indicated that goes from coarse, highly twisted yarns {giving better values of regularity} to fine, lower twisted yarns {giving better values of tenacity}, with maxima at extremes of the region.


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