Forces Acting On The Yarn Inside The Rotor

  • There are various forces acting on the yarn inside the rotor viz. :-
    • Centrifugal forces on the length of yarn in the rotor
    • Frictional forces between yarn & rotor surface , & also particularly in the draw-off tube.
    • Air-drag forces between yarn & air.
    • Coriolis forces.
  •  It should be mentioned that centrifugal forces , of course ,increase in proportion to the yarn count & as the square of both the rotor diameter & the speed of rotation .
  • The frictional forces depend upon the design of the system & on the fibres being spun.
  •  The combined effects of these variables can be described by a system constant which the the theoretical draw-off forces , i.e. essentially the centrifugal forces , must be multiplied.
  • This system constant is the quotient of the actual draw-off tension divided by the theoretical draw-off tension.
  • Coriolis forces arise when a rotating mass changes  its  radius of rotation .
  •  the dimensions of rotor spinning systems are such that the coriolis forces are negligible, relative to the centrifugal forces, & they can in practice be ignored.
  • Draw - off forces are negligible till rotor rpm of 30000, but varies almost directly with further increase in rotor rpm. It also varies directly with rotor diameter. Which also increases power consumption in the same proportion.


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