Fibre Deposition


  • The fibres after separation leave the opening roller at the fibre separating edge & flow through a duct, which, in most makes of rotor unit, opens tangentially into the rotor.
  • The separating edge will always be subject to wear & can result in a poor fibre feed to the rotor.
  • The fibre-feed duct generally converges towards the spinning rotor so as to limit radial movement of the fibres while in the duct.
  • The fibres, on leaving the duct, can then be deposited onto the inner surface of the rotor in most favourable configuration.
  •  This convergence of duct means increasing contact between the duct & fibre as the fibre flows towards the rotor.
  •  The result can be building up of contaminants, such as oil, lubricant & wax, & dust, in the exit area of the duct.
  •  As spinning proceeds, these deposits can result in rotor-fauling.
  •  It therefore becomes necessary to clean the exit to the fibre feed duct periodically.
  •  This results in a longer downtime than even for rotor cleaning.


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