Dedusting In Card

  • The card usually reduces the dust content to 0.1 to 0.2 % . the old saying “the well carded is half spun “ applies with even greater accuracy to the rotor - spinning process.
  • Now a days  crush roll is a necessity for carding in preparation for rotor spinning because of its capability to reduce to reduce trash particle size.
  • Crushing of trash particles  help trash eliminator at rotor in the following ways :
    •  1] by reducing the size of very large particles , which might   be prevented from being ejected at the separation edge by “dense screen” of fibres in the air-stream &.
    •  2] by enabling the trash eliminator to operate more selectively & economically ; because some spinnable fibre is usually attached to pieces of seed coat, the elimination of the trash particles also involves the loss of spinnable fibre, but crushing the trash frees the fibre from the seed coat , which facilitates their separation at the trash box.
  • Other successful improvements in the carding process have been the adoption of efficient dust hoods & card collection systems , modified under screens , additional carding rollers in the feed regions of the card , & exhaust apertures cut in one or other of the card plates .
  • Tandem carding with comparatively coarse settings & card clothing at breaker card & very fine settings & a close point population on the finisher card {so as to facilitate relatively gentle & progressive carding action} seems to be very useful for rotor spinning because of the following reasons :
    •  The tandem card can remove more trash & mainly.
    •  It individualizes fibres more effectively.


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