Dedusting In Blowroom

  • Despite a large material throughput , the blowroom must separate a considerable part of the trash from the good fibres & remove it , very good results being secured if so-called minitufts is advantageous because a large part of opening stage.
  • Opening into very small tufts is advantageous because a large part of trash content will then lie on the surface of these tufts .
  •  By repeated beating of the fibre tufts between the cylinder & the outer casing , the trash particles detach themselves & are separated from the system via grid bars.
  •  Stepwise dust extraction often parallels the cleaning operations by all machinery removing the dust where it generated.
  • These removal points result from the air-handling in the blowroom & bring about a substantial reduction in in the dust content.
  • The blowroom line for rotor spinning can be as follows :-.
    • 1] bale opener.
    • 2] mono cylinder cleaner or axi flo opener.
    • 3] an automatic blender {aeromixer , multimixer}.
    • 4] two intensive openers / cleaners {erm 1 & erm2 or air-jet cleaner}.&.
    • 5] a fine opener / cleaner / chute feed distributor { flock feeder}.
  • Special dedusting devices may be installed additionally . for example after two intensive cleaners dedusting condensers  {or dust extractor} can be fitted so as reduce microdust by 60%.
  • For rotor spinning machine without fitted trash boxes, extra cleaning in the blowroom slightly reduces the rotor trash accumulation ; however, improved carding conditions can give better results.


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