Dedusting At Comber

  • Until now  it has not been normal practice to comb cotton for use in the rotor spinning mill.
  • However, it is worth consideration , because, where great improvement is obtained in ring spinning by eliminating short fibres , neps , & husk fragments , the same effect should be observed in the rotor spinning.
  • Investigations with combed material have therefore been undertaken at several centers.
  • The positive changes in the yarn parameters obtained in these tests have not been as marked as in the ring spinning but are significant nonetheless, even at low noise levels upgrading}.
  • However , the benefits arise not only from improvements in quality standards ; combing also:
    • Lowers the ends down rate.
    • Increases efficiency.
    • Shifts the spinning limit upwards &.
    • Enables a rather poorer cotton to be used.
    • In some extent, an increase in rotor speed also becomes feasible. Several rotor spinning mills have therefore already proceeded to the use of combed cotton in spinning finer yarns.


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