Belts In Open-End Yarns; Influence Of Rotor Diameter & Statistical Distribution

By: A. Barella


  • When rotor diameter increases, the distance between two consecutive belts increases, & , therefore, the number of belts within a given length decreases.
  •  Belt length increases on increasing rotor diameter.
  • The number of belts per unit length distributes according to poisson`s law; The distance between two consecutive belts is distributed according to the law of the first asymptote, whereas belt length is approximately distributed according a lognormal law.
  •  The poissonian nature of the frequency of belts affords them to be considered as yarn defects, their incidence of the mass irregularity of the yarn being probable.
  •  For small rotor diameters, belts are compact, but when rotor diameter increases, they are less tightly coiled round the core of the yarn. Their possible influence on yarn tenacity has not however been shown


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