The Withdrawl Tube

  • The yarn runs through the withdrawl tube in passing from the rotor to the withdrawl rolls.
  •  The tube has to guide the yarn so that it changes from the horizontal doffing disposition in the rotor to the vertical disposition in the rotor to the vertical disposition for winding.
  • Friction arises at the bend in the tube & exerts some influence on the twist distribution .
  • The angle of the bend has therefore been optimized most manufacturers.
  • For some time, several manufacturers have been incorporating twist -blocking elements in the withdrawl tube , especially for the production of knitting yarns.
  •  These raise the twist level between the navel & the rotor groove 
  •  the fibres can then be better bound in ,which thus increases spinning stability & reduces the ends-down rate.
  •  However , these elements can also cause slight increases in imperfections & hairiness


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