The Requirements For The Package

  • The yarn must be unwound at high speed on further processing machines , particularly the warping machine.
  • The package build is therefore of some importance .
  • Currently, the following package types can be wound :
    • Cylindrical cross wound packages { weaving} &.
    • Conical cross-wound packages {knitting} ,with taper angles of  2, 3.30{3.51usa} , 4.20{5.57} degrees as either normal packages or Those suitable for package-dying.
  • Advantages of cross-wound packages of the rotor spinning m/cs as compared with those of the winder :
    • The rotor spinning package contains only 2-3% of the number of Piecings in the winder package is made up of yarn from small Cops, of 60-120 grams, joined together by corresponding spices.
    • Winding is carried out at speeds of up to 200 m/min. As compared with 1400m/min. In the winder; This gives a better package build & the yarn lengths on the individual packages can be kept more uniform; Admittedly, however ,a large balloon is generated in unwinding yarns from rotor spinning packages
  • The following requirements must be fulfilled by packages of yarn from modern rotor spinning m/cs. :-.
    • High net mass ; this can now reach a maximum of 5kg ,but usually lies in the region of 2-3.5 kg.
    • Package density as uniform as possible from one package to another ;
    • The same yarn length on all packages ; this can be achieved exactly only with the help of individual length measuring devices , which are now offered by manufacturers.
    • Adaptable winding density attainable by adjustable yarn tension  & above all, by a variable crossing angle of the windings in the Package;
    •  Packages free of zones of patterning;
    •  Yarn-waxing were necessary;
    •  Formation of an accessible yarn reserve on   the tube so that , before the package runs out in unwinding , the thread end can be knotted to the start of the yarn on the next package to be unwound ;This enables stoppages to be avoided at the time of package change in further processing.


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