The Fibre Flow Into The Rotor




Depending upon the arrangement of the feed tube , the fibres can move into the rotor in one of the two ways  , viz . axial & tangential.
  • In axial feed , centrifugal force distributes the fibres within the collection groove in a purely random fashion & in accordance with an umbrella principle .
  • This type of feed has three major defects:
    • Fibre orientation in the groove is bad & the yarn quality is correspondingly poor.
    • A large rotor diameter is needed , & this limits rotor revolutions.
    • The spun yarn has to be withdrawn through the rotor axis.
  • These problems led to the adoption of the currently almost universal tangential-feed technique. Here , the rotation of the rotor , & a corresponding air circulation within the rotor, ensure ordered deposition of the  fibres in the groove.


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